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Are you looking to monetize your awesome HTML5 game? We will take care of publishing your game to million of users and provide you with a clear revenue share.

  • Games are published to 200M+ of visitors
  • Always reachable to support our developers
  • High revenue shares
  • JavaScript Client SDK

Our Trusted Partners


You will develop your awesome HTML5 games, integrate our API, and we will take care of the publishing and monetization part.

Thanks to years of experience in the online gaming world, we have connections with the largest online game publishers on the planet. We will provide your with a clean and life-time revenue share by monetization through advertisements.

  • Easy JavaScript API (and Construct 2 plugin)
  • Your game is played by million of visitors
  • Daily reports via our portal
  • Lifetime revenue stream

DAILy reports in our portal

The easy-to-use portal will provide you with daily revenue statistics, giving you detailed insight about the monetization of your HTML5 games.

What other developers think of us

"Wanted 5 Games are best in business when it comes to games distribution. It has been really great working with Wanted 5 Games. It is the best place to reach out to big publishers and have a chance to show our games. Apart from easy SDK integration customer support is very good. I would highly recommend Wanted 5 Games to all the HTML5 game developers out there."
"We are glad to work with Wanted 5 Games, spreading our content all around the world just with a few clicks. \n Great revenues from great company! #totallyrecommend "
Inlogic Games
"We are really satisfied with Wanted 5 Games, They are a great partner. They offer a fair revenue share on all advertising revenues generated, have a clear dashboard and always pay on time."

Why choose us?

We offer multiple solutions which will help you with your monetization and user retention.

Monetization through advertising

By implementing our API in the games we will monetize the games by showing advertisements from our strong advertisers network. We are continuously improving the different kinds of advertisements we use and always use the latest possible technologies.

Easy integration within your game

In order to connect into our publisher network, we ask you to implement our JavaScript API (and Construct 2 plugin). It's developer-friendly and is implemented in no time. Click here to download the integration manual for your reference.

Real-time statistics

As a developer, you will get access to our state-of-the-art partner dashboard. Our dashboard provides a transparent view on your revenues and the performance of your games. We make sure that you generate the maximum possible revenue with your awesome games!

Personal support

Developers come first and we are here to support you! You can reach us 24/7 via email, phone and skype. With our top-notch support we guarantee a smooth process and we will make sure that your game starts making money as soon as possible.

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