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What other publishers think about us

"I've started working with Wanted 5 Games as a small conversation by e-mail, that became a more frequent talk on a weekly basis and when I realized, they were my favorite partner to work with within the HTML5 Games industry. "


We have a portfolio of 50+ games, all available for non-exclusive licenses and we offer them for very competitive prices.

Are you looking for content with your own branding, advertising solution or logo? We can prepare and host the games for you and fully customize them based on your preferences. Interested? Reach out to jord@w5games.com to receive an overview of the available games and prices.

Why choose for us?

We offer multiple solutions which will help you with your monetization and user retention.

Access to high quality HTML5 titles

As a publisher you will have instant access to hundreds of high quality HTML5 titles. Male or female, boys or girls, we cater the gaming needs of every audience. Let us know the demographics of your website and we will make sure to prepare the best suited games for you.

Monetization through advertising

By implementing our API in the games we will monetize the games by showing advertisements from our strong advertisers network. We are continuously improving the different kinds of advertisements we use, we are always using the newest possible techniques.

Easy integration within your website

We have multiple ready-to-go techniques for integrating our games into your website or platform. Examples are embed codes, frames, RSS, XML, and JSON API's. Just reach out to us if you would like to know more about the possible integrations.

Licensing games

Wanted 5 Games has a big portfolio of own IP games, all of them are available for licensing. We will prepare them the way you want, including your branding, logo's, links and API. Reach out to info@w5games.com to learn more about our very competitive prices.

Real time statistics

As a publisher, you will get access to our state of the art partner dashboard. Our dashboard gives a transparent view on your revenues and the performance of the games. Together we will make sure you are optimizing your traffic for the full 100%!

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